Gamma-Electrical Cell Inventor Dr. Henry Sampson Jr.

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Did you ever wonder who invented the Gamma-Electrical Cell? Ok, let’s say that you are On a TV game show and have to answer this question to win $10M. The question is, who invented the Gamma-Electrical Cell? In all probability most of us could not answer this question. Those of you who know are in a very small minority.

The inventor of the Gamma-Electrical Cell (not the Cellular phone) is Henry Sampson, Jr. Sampson is an African-American from Jackson, Mississippi. He attended Morehouse College and transferred to Purdue. He received an MS in Engineering from the University Of California. He was awarded an MS in Nuclear Engineering from Illinois and his Ph.D from Illinois. Sampson is the first African-American to receive a Ph.D in Nuclear Engineering.

In 1971 Sampson was awarded a patent for the “gamma-electric cell.” This technology was used in the cellular phone. Hopefully Dr. Sampson was well rewarded for his efforts.

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